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Dustin Meaux Profile Image

Dustin Meaux

Dustin Meaux began learning the plumbing trade while working a summer job over 20 years ago. Now, as owner of Meaux’s Plumbing, LLC, Dustin not only enjoys interacting with contractors and home and business owners, but his employees as well. During his free time, Dustin can be found wood-working, taking care of the chickens, geese, ducks, pigs, goats, and donkeys on his farm, or just spending time with his wife Kelly and their sons Jared, Trent, and Brayden.

Clint Farrar Profile Image

Clint Farrar

Clint Farrar has been in the plumbing field for over 18 years. With several licenses and credentials for water/sewer distribution and maintenance, Clint enjoys traveling to different locations and meeting potential customers. When not at work, Clint spends his time hunting in various parts of the country or with his wife Kari and their children on camping trips and ATV rides.

Kelly Meaux Profile Image

Kelly Meaux

Kelly Meaux makes sure our Meaux’s Tank Service technicians are organized and prepared for daily installs. She enjoys working with our friendly staff in a laid back atmosphere. When not at work, Kelly, her husband Dustin, and their sons Jared (17), Trent (10), and Brayden (3) try to spend as much time together as possible camping, riding 4-wheelers, or going to the lake.

Kari Meaux Farrar Profile Image

Kari Meaux Farrar

Kari Meaux Farrar has been managing our daily office operations for nearly a decade and enjoys not only having the opportunity to work alongside family, but also the friendly, flexible atmosphere our office personnel strives to maintain. Kari, husband Clint, and their children enjoy spending time together camping and taking vacations with extended family.

Joey Barber Profile Image

Joey Barber

Joey Barber entered the plumbing trade over 20 years ago. Joey enjoys working with customers to find quality, dependable solutions to their plumbing needs. When not at work, Joey spends his time with his girlfriend April, son Levi, and daughter Hannah watching movies, riding 4-wheelers, or just relaxing outdoors.

Chad Cockerham Profile Image

Chad Cockerham

Rodney Patrick Profile Image

Rodney Patrick

With over 25 years of plumbing experience, Rodney Patrick enjoys the various challenges that service and repair calls present and does his best to not only provide quality solutions, but also exceed customer expectations. When not in the woods or on the lake, Rodney enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Daryl Williams Profile Image

Daryl Williams

Daryl Williams began his plumbing career over 13 years ago. He enjoys being able to help others and works hard to provide quality work that will last. When not at work, Daryl enjoys being outside hunting, fishing, and riding 4-wheelers as well as spending time with his wife Amanda and their children and grandchildren.

Tommy Womack Profile Image

Tommy Womack

Over 12 years ago, Tommy Womack took a small summer job that has since turned into a strong plumbing career. From new construction rough-ins and top-outs to service or installation of tankless water heaters, Tommy enjoys the challenges each job brings. When away from work, Tommy likes to spend his time fishing, hunting, completing various wood-working projects, or simply spending time with his girlfriend Carlee.

Garrett Averitte Profile Image

Garrett Averitte

Garrett Averitte began working in the plumbing trade over 4 years ago. He enjoys helping others as well as learning as much as possible from our licensed technicians. Garrett prefers to spend his free time outside hunting, riding 4-wheelers, or just spending time with his friends and family.

Levi Barber Profile Image

Levi Barber

Levi Barber is following in his father (and fellow Meaux’s Plumbing co-worker) Joey’s footsteps by entering the plumbing trade. He enjoys working with our licensed plumbers and is eagerly learning skills and techniques that will help him build his plumbing career. When he can, Levi also enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his friends and family as much as possible.

Zach Harvey Profile Image

Zach Harvey

With over 4 years in the plumbing trade, Zach Harvey enjoys working with our licensed plumbers to resolve customer issues. Zach works hard to exceed customer expectations and enjoys adding to his plumbing knowledge to better serve them. Zach spends as much of his free time as possible with daughter Phoenix and their family and friends.

Gasper Andres Profile Image

Gasper Andres

Jose Cruz Profile Image

Jose Cruz

Mike Roberson Profile Image

Mike Roberson